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  1. Adam Rains ha detto:

    Greetings! The purpose of this email is to find out little bit about Torino. I’m thinking of visiting on a research trip. I’ve worked for the American chef Mario Batali for years who has inspired my love for all things Italian.

    From that love, I’ve decided to write a book on Amari. There is a growing ferver for Amari as a spirit category in the USA and I’d like to share more of them with the world.

    If you have an information that you can give me regarding Amaro that is from Torino and Torino in general, that would be wonderful! Even the names of them would be helpful.

    I’m also the Beverage Editor for a local trade publication the Las Vegas Food & Beverage Professional. My column is called “Behind the Stick” and is all about the love of our craft. I’m also helping to shape the beverage portion of the magazine. I could even do a review for Amaro.

    Hopefully we can talk soon or if you are in Vegas you will be able to stop in. Feel free to contact me for anything at all. Thanks!

    Mi piace


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